Winning Mother's Day essay


In honor of Mother’s Day on May 13, The Sealy News received over 50 essays from sixth-grade students at Sealy Junior High School. The students wrote about what their mothers mean to them and the importance of their role in their lives. Some of the best essays are presented in the paper but only one essay ran on the front page. That is this essay from student Jake Dickens:

My Loving Angel 

My mom is the guiding light in the world. She protects me from the darkness in the universe. I can count on my mom to stay by my side. I know she will take care of me inside and out. I can count on her to love me to the end. All because of that she can count on me to love her. 

I trust my mom to accept me for who I am. This makes me feel extraordinary. I know she will acknowledge in the good I do and will say she is proud of me. I trust her to never make me the odd man out in the family. When I get stressed out about the future she assures me I have absolutely nothing to worry about. This lets me take my mind off of everything and focus. 

My mom tries her best to keep me from making the same mistakes she made. She keeps me on the right path. When I make mistakes she makes me assure her it won’t happen again. My mom makes sure I completely understand school is the most important. She encourages me to do sports. I know she will be with me along the road of my life. 

“Love you Jake,” my mom says to me quite often. I can always count on her to love me. As she reminds me occasionally she loves me and I definitely love her. With no doubt, my will be loved by me for eternity. My mom doesn’t have to tell me she loves me. She shows it every day. 

“All that I am, all that I hope to be, I owe to my angel mother,” – Abraham Lincoln. 

I love my mom for hundreds to thousands of things. That is much too little for my mom and all she’s done. She is a true living angel looking after me. I love my mom because she accepts me, protects me, and she loves me. I will love my mom until the end.


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