Vote no on county’s bond proposal


To the editor:

Well now, looky here; seems the county boys, except for Commissioner Bobby Rinn, are gettin’ plum frothy about selling millions in bonds, after borrowing millions more without taxpayer approval, to do all kinds of things – some of which might even be needed … but, many? The way to separate the “real need” from the “We want some new stuff” is to vote no on their first offering.

Plan to vote no on their second offering, maybe voting for their third offering – after grilling them like raw meat!

See, politicians are like most of the rest of us, only worse. Sometimes a real need pushes into the willingness to go into debt (which must be repaid with interest) to solve problems, but once that common sense stop sign about going deeper in debt is run, then the original need only serves as the base for all kinds of mischief to be added on – “Hey, as long as we’re going to go in debt anyway, let’s get it all done” and imaginations are unleashed, creativity spikes, and “real need” is re-defined (assaulted). Have you ever left work for a “light lunch”, but on the way, wheeled into a buffet instead? It sort of works like that …

Beware of the term “bare bones” – the most popular term in bond promotions. The first bond sale given taxpayers for approval will be as “bare bones” as the “before” Weight Watchers pictures. Their second attempt will assume that taxpayers just didn’t understand the first one, so they’ll re-arrange the first, re-write and reduce it a little – like offering a stuffed baked potato rather than cheese fries … By the third try, they’ll reluctantly reduce the request closer to “real need.”

Of course, after the whackin’ taxpayers are now taking from the Appraisal District plus the quantum leaps in city service fees, this big new bond debt will be as welcome as stomach flu on a cruise ship. OK, you’ve been warned, or, at least, given food for thought. Now, I’ve got to get back to retirement …




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