Volunteers praised for their service


People from many different churches throughout Austin County give their time volunteering with Sealy Christian Food Pantry, and last week those generous folks were thanked with a catered lunch at First Baptist Church.

“It’s important to us because there are people that cannot really provide for themselves or have enough to eat, especially some of our widows who just get one little check per month,” said Elizabeth Dixon, who volunteers with First Baptist Church. “There are people who have a lot of children but maybe don’t have a husband. There are a lot of needs. We have a lot of people who give to the pantry, which is such a blessing to us.”

Several local churches and Walmart Distribution Center make regular donations to the food pantry.

“The Lord has blessed me and He blesses us to be givers,” Dixon said.

Patsy Tomasek, president of the Sealy Christian Food Pantry, said the luncheon is held annually to thank those who help out.

“We have a lot of people here in Austin County who are really struggling,” she said. “We have young couple lose their jobs or might be struggling after the floods. Many are older, retired and their retirement is being eaten up by medical bills and prescription drugs. The pantry is a blessing to them so we can supplement them and they can have a somewhat nutritional meal each day. We even deliver to several people. We have clients who don’t have transportation or are not physically able, so we deliver to them.”


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