Virus cases skyrocket to 133


According to numbers reported by the state to Austin County Judge Tim Lapham, the number of COVID-19 cases in the county skyrocketed in the last week from 90 to 133 with 87 of those still considered active.

“As of today, it shows 87 active cases, 39 recoveries and 7 unable to contact,” he said Monday in his regular update on Facebook. “Unable to contact names could probably be considered as recovered as they are early cases but for some reason the state could not make contact back with the individual. I have no information on how many hospitalized. So far, no deaths in Austin County that I have been notified of.”

Last Friday he expressed frustration with the way numbers were being reported.

“Before I get into the numbers, let me tell you where I have an issue with the numbers, the timing and the whole process,” he said. “Let me share some information about a good friend of mine that I don’t think he will mind me sharing. On Sunday June 28, he felt a little bad with low fever and body aches. On Monday, June 29, he says he felt 90% better. On Tuesday, June 30, he says he felt 95% better and got tested for COVID-19.

“Wednesday, July 1, he said he felt 100% better. His doctor released him to go back to work Monday, July 6. His test results came back this morning that he was positive. I have not received his information from the state yet. That will probably come Monday or Tuesday. So, by the time we get notified of his case, he was cleared by his doctor a week before and should be considered recovered. My point in saying this is not to get too caught up in the numbers. If you don’t feel well, contact your doctor, stay home and isolated from others.”

He encouraged people who catch the virus to stay away from others.

“This is an overwhelming task for the state to track. The main thing that I can’t emphasize enough is not to spread it,” Lapham said. “It’s like branches on a tree, if you have COVID or any other illness, do your best to make it end with you. Don’t let it keep branching out. This is how we stop COVID. Do your best not to get it, but if you do, make it end with you.”


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