Transformation time


A couple of weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post from an old college friend, and it read: “In three months, you’ll thank yourself.” That changed me.
Most of the time I spend on social media is scrolling quickly through my friends content trying to get caught up with as many folks as I possible and “like” all of the adorable family pictures and hilarious memes I can. I truly enjoy seeing what my friends of past and present post, but I don’t typically spend a ton of time on it.
However, when I saw this post, I stopped cold in my tracks because I happened to be well aware of her story. She was a mom, totally devoted to her family, and, along the way, lost her grasp on her health. She had a hard time getting rid of the baby weight and getting back to being the woman she wanted to be. She was me … until she wasn’t.
About 18 months ago she made drastic changes and took back control of her health. Within six months she lost nearly 40 pounds and has kept it off for a year now. She was me, and I wanted to be her.
I watched her journey from the comfort of my computer, and I even reached out once to ask how she did it. Without giving it a fair chance, I convinced myself that it couldn’t work for me, and then spent the next several months as a jealous peeping Facebook Tom. Then I saw her post, "In three months, you’ll thank yourself."
In roughly three months it was going to be the new year, and I had two choices. One, I could go into 2019 in the same place as I entered 2018, or I could be bold, step out of my comfort zone, and dare to change. Over the last decade, I’ve had three babies and four surgeries, and I’ve let every challenge be my excuse. I couldn’t possibly cook because I don’t feel good or I deserve to eat that piece of cake because it’s been a rough day. At the moment, it was harmless, but in the long run, all of these missteps multiplied and their compound interest was weighing on my confidence and insecurity.
So, without stopping to think about it, I reached out to my friend one more time - “Hey Kayce, can we talk on the phone? I need to get healthy, and I want to hear how you did it!” Within five minutes, we had a call set up for that afternoon, and two weeks later I’m well on my way.
Admitting I needed help, and asking someone for it was hard. The phone felt like it weighed 200 pounds on that first call, but by the end of it, I felt so incredibly relieved. I wasn’t broken, I was stuck. I can change, I need help … and now I have it.
Maybe you already run marathons and eat the recommended 15 servings of vegetables a day, but maybe there’s something else you’d like to work on. Change is hard. It’s painful to try something different: What if I fail?
“What if I fail” was the inner monologue that blocked me from trying for years. If you feel like I did, find a friend and be bold, after all, what if you don’t fail … what if you succeed?

Jordan Schupbach is a mother of three living in the Fulshear area. She blogs at - sharing the good, the bad and the frenzied.


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