Thanks for reporting on road conditions


Dear Editor,

Thank you for the front-page story of road warriors and residents tired of poor road conditions. I also am tired of asking Austin County to replace Kaechele Road near Wallis. Kaechele Road is a path of potholes with intermittent patches of asphalt in which two cars cannot meet each other due to the narrowness. I have replaced three tires due to sidewall belt rupture, shock absorbers and also have a cracked dash on my truck and recently had to replace all four tires on my daughter’s truck for the same.

We are past the critical stage in southern Austin County on our deplorable road conditions, this is a safety threat. I also read that commissioners get a clean audit report with an eight-month reserve in the general fund and a $4 million reserve in a Road and Bridges account. What? Are you serious? We should be $8 million in arears because Austin County spent $12 million to replace our deplorable roads in southern Austin County. I am so tired of hearing Austin County commissioners saying it has to do with the dollars and cents, that it costs $100,000 to pave a mile of road, we could have had 120 miles of paved roads if we took the $4 million in reserve and went $8 million in arears we could have $12 million of paved roads. How is it Commissioner (Bobby) Rinn is able to have very nice roads under the same economic conditions? Enough talk and excuses! I want to see bid notification requests in all Southern Austin County papers for contractors to replace 120 miles of roads in southern Austin County and Grubbs Road and Kaechele Road will be the first roads replaced.


-Brian Kovar, Wallis


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