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I am just proud as I can be of Aya Reimer and the group of downtown Sealy merchants who put on the first-ever Fowlkes+Main Music Fest on June 28.
The turnout was great; the music was great; the food trucks were great. It actually worked that it was on a weeknight – the commuters who live in Katy and Houston stopped by on their way home and it wasn’t a “school night” since the kids are out on summer break. I guess we’ll never know, but they may have gotten a better turnout having it on a Thursday than if they’d had it on a Saturday.
I had a few concerns. It was not well-publicized. As we posted photos on Facebook the night of the event, we got some comments like, “What is this?” and “How did I not know about this?”
However, with an inaugural event, there’s typically a limited budget and a learning curve. You don’t always know if it’s worth the gamble of shelling out a ton of cash on advertising when you don’t know if anyone is going to show up.
It turns out they really didn’t need billboards; word of mouth brought plenty of families downtown. It’s a testament to the fact that Sealy is really in need of more of these outdoor street festivals. It’s cheap entertainment for the whole family, and the kids are out of school, so why not have an event on a Thursday night? It’s better than everyone driving to Katy to the movie theater. It’s an opportunity to socialize with your friends and neighbors, and heck, maybe make some new friends. It’s an opportunity to support the downtown businesses and the merchants who work so hard to preserve Sealy’s small-town charm.
Let’s keep this momentum going. Take the kids to the new skating rink. Shop local. Enjoy the best steak of your life at Saddleback Saloon on a Tuesday night. Check out the live music at Kathy’s Korner – and have a plate of catfish while you’re at it. Our community has so much to offer and it’s only going to get bigger and better.
I think it’s possible to preserve that small-town vibe while also offering things for people to do. I grew up in a small town and kids got into trouble because there weren’t many opportunities for wholesome family fun.
Take your kids to Sealybration and watch the softball tournament. Eat cotton candy and buy a T-shirt from a local vendor. We, the residents, are what keeps Sealy strong and vibrant. Do your part.

April Towery is the managing editor of The Sealy News. She can be reached at 979-885-3562 or via email at


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