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Dear Editor:

This year World Spay Day takes place on Feb. 25. World Spay Day is an annual campaign that shines the spotlight on the power of affordable, accessible spaying and neutering to decrease the number of animals put down in shelters or living on the street.

Humane organizations and rescue groups, veterinary clinics and individuals all across the United States and around the world are organizing reduced cost spay/neuter clinics, hosting fundraisers and bringing awareness to the importance of spaying and neutering.

In honor of World Spay Day, throughout the month of February, Prevent Unwanted Pets will be offering free spay/neuter surgery for Pitbull and Pitbull mix dogs living in Austin, Colorado, Fayette, Fort Bend, Lavaca, Waller, Washington, and Wharton counties.

Statistics show Pitbull and Pitbull mix dogs are the number one dog being bred in America and account for the majority of shelter intakes nationally. They often have a long road to adoption and are being euthanized in shelters at shocking rates.

We invite community businesses and citizens to partner with us; consider donating a percentage of your profits on World Spay Day, host a fundraiser or sponsor the spay or neuter of at least one animal. To donate, volunteer or to spay or neuter your pet, simply call 979-732-5591 or visit Spread the word! Spaying and neutering saves lives. Together we can end the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets and ensure every pet enjoys a long, happy life in a loving home.


Cheryl L. Mellenthin, founder

Prevent Unwanted Pets

Cat Spring


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