Starbucks opens in grande fashion


For the residents of Sealy, waiting for Starbucks to open has been like watching a pot of coffee slowly percolate over low heat.

On Monday the excitement finally boiled over as the long-awaited store finally opened on the site of the former Whataburger restaurant on Highway 36.

“When my district manager said we’re going to be opening a store in Sealy I automatically put my hand up and said I would love to come out to this community,” store manager Mary De Leon said.

She opened the doors at 4 a.m., noting there were some technical difficulties to start the day off but once they were taken care of people were coming in and out by the dozens to get their share of fresh Starbucks treats.

The first of those orders came promptly at 4:30 a.m. when one of the partners ensured he would be the first customer to order at the new establishment. Josh (no last name available) ordered a grande, triple caramel macchiato and the rest was history. The store became packed soon after it opened.

Some people had been marking the days off on the calendar while others were just simply passing by when they saw the logo and decided to veer into the parking lot. One of those somewhat unsuspecting customers was Ted Hawkes, who mentioned he just had some time to kill before attending his child’s field day festivities at the football stadium.

He was simply looking for a place to get some work done for a little bit and came across the store only to then find out that was the first day of operation. Hawkes added that he will soon be moving closer to Sealy and needs amenities such as Starbucks and H.E.B. but the grocery store question is a whole other story.

This new addition to the community is here to stay much to the appreciation of district manager Kyle Reis. He included the company’s mission to leave an impression on as many people as they can across the world, looking to “impact one customer, one neighborhood, one cup at a time and we’re so excited to be able to do that here in Sealy.”

Reis expanded on that sentiment by saying how mutually beneficial the relationship will be between the company and the surrounding area.

“We are going to get very involved in this community, so we look forward to impacting the community in a really positive way to bring as many people as possible wherever you’re at,” he said. “Whether you come in during the morning to get your coffee on your way to work or come in and hang out in the afternoon for an icy cold beverage or come in over the weekend with your family.”


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