Selman Elementary Authors of the Month


Emily Castaneda
Ms. Olvera’s Class

En mi casa tengo un parque y voy a jugar y luego me gusta estar en casa jugando con mis juguetes.
In my house I have a park and I go play and then I like to be at home and play with my toys.

Connor Haidusek
Mrs. Paul’s Class

If I were Santa, I would put presents under the Christmas tree.

First Grade 
Larry Solorio
Mrs. Bolivar’s Class

Thanksgiving was so funny. I ate turkey with my family and my friends. Then we went to the church. At night we had a party at my house. I was happy.

Second Grade 
Lainey Siska 
Mrs. Penny Anderson’s Class

In the morning we woke up, but it was nighttime because it is when we were going to Nebraska. I was excited because my mom let me and Sydnee and Sarah all wear our PJ’s and on our way I played on my Ipad. In Houston, we stopped to go to McDonald’s for some breakfast and it was good. Then we left to go the airport. In the car, I changed into a pretty dress because we were going to see Dustin’s Grandma. When we were at the airport our plane came and we took off.

Third Grade
Khamari Thomas Mitchell
Mrs. Parson Class
Best Day Ever

My best day ever was when I turned 6.
First, I got to see my godsister. She was tall and loving.
Second, my family and I started eating cake. The cake flavor was vanilla with strawberry ice cream on top.
Third my godsister and I went deep in the cold water. She took me so deep that the water was up to my shoulders so I had to get on her back.
Finally, when the day was over, my Nana and I were watching the colorful sunset. It was orange, yellow, and red. After watching the sunset we left the beach with a happy birthday to me!!

Fourth Grade
Cristal Renteria
Mrs. Moseley’s Class

Is Winter your favorite time of the year? Mine is. I like winter because it’s cold and houses are full of lights. Winter smells like hot chocolate or like a pine tree. And my favorite thing about winter is Christmas.
Christmas is the best holiday because you can see your family and celebrate Jesus’ birth. In Christmas, we eat something special like, “pozole” and drink rice with milk and hot chocolate. I get presents from my family and I share my presents with them. Like, when they gave me a tablet, I shared my tablet with them.
So, that is why winter is my favorite time of the year!

Fifth Grade
Elizabeth Kamenicky
Ms. Nicklas’s Class
The Grinch

I know what you are wondering, “What does a Grinch eat?” A stinky raw onion is kind of his treat. He likes food that is rotten. I guess you could say the term for the Grinch is Garbage Gourmet! Unlike all “Who’s,” who like a Christmas a lot, the Grinch on the mountain absolutely, positively, most assuredly does not!!
Just where he went wrong, I don’t know at all. It could be that his heart is a wee bit too small. He sneaks down to Whoville and likes to play pranks. One prank he pulls always works without fail. He hides in the post offices and mixes up that mail. A “Who” girl named Cindy once came down the chute. He saved her. She was kinda cute. The girl missed the stamper by one little inch. That day Cindy Lou grew quite fun of the Grinch. She knew he was good, not evil, just misunderstood. He put on a suit of red and white. He made Max wear antlers and he waited for night. He flew down to Whoville on a big sleigh and made history that Christmas Day. He stole the Who’s Christmas. It gave him lots of joy. He came in the night like an evil green breeze. However, the “Who’s” fooled the Grinch. That spirit of Christmas was still alive and well. Then out of nowhere his heart started to grow. He gave back their Christmas every last one of them. Now he keeps Christmas close to his heart!


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