Sealy High School hosts basketball camp


While most students use their summer break to relax and get away from school, approximately 60 girls ranging from the second grade to incoming high school freshmen took time out of their vacation to work on their basketball skills. The Lady Tiger Basketball Camp which was held at Sealy High School took place on June 5 and 6 and helped girls either hone their skills or learn the basics.

The camp was put together by Sealy High girls’ basketball coach Anthony Branch and his assistant coaches who run the drills. Branch said the camp is a good opportunity to get players interested in the game and help those who have playing experience fine-tune their skills.

“We want to get the younger ones interested in the basketball and get down the basics and hopefully that’ll last as they grow up because it helps us build up our program here in Sealy,” Branch said. “With the older ones, we want them to really focus on a lot of skills but the most important one is shooting. I’m a big believer in teaching kids how to shoot with the proper form to not to develop bad habits.”

Branch said the opportunity for incoming freshman, in particular, to get their form down and keep practicing it with reps over time is something that helps them develop into varsity players. He also said it helps to build the relationships with them as future players on his team.

“It just helps to have them around and eventually they know me and I know them and those relationships as a player and coach start to form,” he said. “So I get to know them not just as an athlete but as a student as well.”

This is the fourth year Branch has done the camp and he said the growth of the players from when they first start in camp to where they are now is one of the many added benefits to having the camp.

“Seeing what they can do and seeing how much they improve is something that is really neat to see because when I started here the incoming freshman were sixth graders so seeing where they’re heading is always really nice to see as a head coach,” Branch said. “I just love the mental aspect of the game and I love to work with kids and so when it comes to teaching them and the light bulb goes off and they figure it out, it’s worth it.”

He said that the camp was a success yet again but he wants to keep building the camp to help influence as many players as possible.

“I want to help them get better as a player but even more so as a person so I hope we can keep doing that and keep it growing as much as possible,” Branch said.


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