Sealy health inspections


The City of Sealy Health Inspector has inspected the following establishments for food preparation, kitchen cleanliness, and sanitary conditions:

  1. Oct. 26 – River Hills Seafood and Steak, 6027 FM 3538: Very clean and ready to open. Score: 100
  2. Oct. 27 – Double Trouble Philly Cheese Steaks, Inc., 1614 Hwy 36: Very clean and organized. Ready to open for business. Score:100
  3. Nov. 2 – Tiger Mart, 105 Meyer St.: Items should be six inches off of the floor (corrected on site). Score: 100
  4. Nov. 2 – Sealy Country Market,117 N. Meyer St.: Need copies of food handler’s/manager’s certificate, compressor broken; all drinks hot and all dairy products to be removed from cooler shelves and thrown out. Items should be six inches off of the floor; kitchen area is very neat, clean, and organized. Score: 78 (re-inspection to be done on Nov. 13)
  5. Nov. 2 – Bertalotto’s Pizza, 111 N Meyer St.: Neatly organized, very clean, everything at correct temperature. Score: 100
  6. Nov. 3 – Bigg 99 Cent’s and Gift Store, 218 Fowlkes St.: Items on the floor should be six inches off of the floor. Score: 99
  7. Nov. 3 – Sealy Mart, 1701 Hwy 90 W #D: Items should be lifted six inches off of the floor (corrected on site). Score: 99
  8. Nov. 3 – Bill’s Country Market, 333 Fowlkes St.: Store is very clean and neatly organized: Score: 100
  9. Nov. 3 – Meyers Chevron, 305 Meyer St.: Microwave to be cleaned; cleaning supplies to be removed from by the sink in the bathroom (corrected on site). Score: 98
  10. Nov. 13 – Little Triangle, 323 N. Circle Dr.: Items on floor need to be lifted six inches off of the floor; clean fountain drink area (corrected on site). Score: 98
  11. Nov. 13 – Sonic Operations, 1736 Meyer St.: Establishment very clean; all food at correct temperatures. Score: 100
  12. Nov. 13 – Sealy Country Market (re-inspection), 117 N. Meyer St.: Compressor replaced; items on the floor to be lifted six inches. Score: 99


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