School board reviews budget


Sealy ISD Chief Financial Officer Jim Obermeier presented the management and operations budget for the 2017-2018 school year during a workshop last week.

Superintendent Sheryl Moore said the budget is similar to those the district has been using for the past few years.

The school system is receiving $12.8 million in local revenue, $10.5 million from the state and $300,000 from the federal government for a total of $23.7 million. Most of the spending is going to instruction costs at $13.7 million which is nearly 58 percent of the total costs.

These expenditures include teacher payroll, supplies, travel for field trips and more. About $12.8 million goes toward instructor payroll.

The second highest portion of the budget went to plant maintenance. This included payroll, outside services, supplies, travel, fees and insurance and capital improvements. Campus administration, school leadership, counseling services and extracurricular activities were the other expenses that cost more than $1 million.

Moore said the budget would focus on instructional costs for professional development for teachers. A new district-wide movement will train teachers at all levels to better educate their students in a way that ensures they will fully understand the subject that is being taught and increase faculty collaboration.

“Teaching will no longer be a solitary thing; the professional learning community training will increase accountability because they will work in teams and if something isn’t working for one instructor then they can look at what the others are doing,” Moore said. “We’re going to be doing training that well help us be an effective professional learning community. Teachers have to cover a lot. It’s an inch deep but a mile wide so we want to make sure that they’re teaching it but also the kids are understanding it.”

Approximately 50 teachers who instruct core classes will attend training this summer and Moore said the budget will allow for around $50,000 to be spent on helping train the teachers.


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