San Felipe needs to clean up city


To the editor,

I attended the monthly meeting of San Felipe city government this month to voice my complaints. Needless to say, they are not happy. I have no secrets about this city management and don’t mind saying this city is ill-managed.

It is really hard to find any improvement. If you speak up you can expect visitors to help you make the day. The city is creating a nightmare in landfills and sewage problems.

Years ago, a sanitary and water system was available and council voted it down. Improvement of any city is mostly having a clean city. It is a proven fact that clean communities have fewer problems, especially crime-related.

Also there is the factor of Big Daddy controlling your life.

After being threatened with police action, I cut my objections to wait another day. I never thought I would see any more Nazi tactics in my lifetime but things happen and I think I can cope.

I find it amazing that a lot of people are afraid to speak up, good or bad. Big Daddy knows this and counts on it.

Kenneth Currens


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