Sales tax law needs to be changed


Dear Editor,

The State of Texas, in its infinite wisdom, is going to start collecting a sales tax on all adoption fees from nonprofit rescue groups like PUPS (Prevent Unwanted Pets). We pull 200-300 animals a year from the local animal control facilities before they get euthanized. We get them vetted (spayed/neutered, vaccinated, wormed, wound care, microchipped. We treat flea bite dermatitis, mange, ringworm, parvo infections. If they need a leg amputation or eye removed, we pay for that, too.) After we put hundreds of dollars into each animal, we adopt them out for an adoption fee of $75.

By pulling these dogs and cats from animal control facilities, we save municipalities in our area thousands of dollars because they don’t have to house, feed or pay for personnel to care for the animals we take.

As of Nov 1, 2019, the state wants us to dish out even more money to pay them a sales tax on the measly $75 fee. It’s not just the money. Everyone with PUPS is a volunteer. Our dogs are in foster homes, not a shelter facility. We all work full time. We do not have the time to fill out paperwork to pay the state for a public service we are providing!

Please write to your state senator and representative and Gov. Greg Abbott to get this sales tax abolished.

Thanks much,

Cheryl Mellenthin


Cat Spring


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