Parent Safety Checklist reinforced by bumper stickers, magnets


Attempting to make their safety guidelines stick, Sealy ISD recently mailed out magnets and bumper stickers to supplement the new Parent Safety Checklist, outlaying how those at home can help those at the school maintain a safe environment.

Up until the beginning of this year, safety had not been one of the school board’s official goals for campus principals to meet, but Superintendent Sheryl Moore knew that could no longer be the case.

“The most important thing with school safety is prevention, prevention, prevention … prevention,” Moore said. “It doesn’t matter how many times you drill in practice or have a plan for what will happen your job is to prevent it in the first place and we’ve got really, really good at that.”

By means of aiding that prevention, this checklist doubles down to make sure that students remain safe at all costs.

The first step is if you see something, then say something.

“81 percent of school tragedies; the kid told someone what they were going to do but they didn’t respond they didn’t tell anyone else so that’s why that’s our number one thing, if something doesn’t seem right, say something,” Moore noted.

Next, students should feel comfortable relaying their feelings to the school counselor.

“If a kid is going through something one of the most important things is that the kids have to have a soft place to land if they’re worrying about something,” Moore added. “If that home is chaos, and a place of fear, then the school has to be that place and we have to be looking for that.”

Finally, the last step is to ensure that any firearms in the house remain unloaded and out of reach.

“If a kid doesn’t have access to a gun he can’t bring it to school,” Moore stated simply.

Those sentiments toward a safe building were echoed by the students, which each campus principal included in their brief presentations at the most recent school board meeting.

Each of the schools complies with the same goal so as to be reading from the same page in the same book to make sure these ideas remain engrained on everyone’s minds.

Sealy Elementary School’s Principal, Mary Gajewski went a step further and solicited ideas from her own students so as to field opinions from them as to where safety improvements can be made.

She added that each meeting with a new group of students brought up new issues, so many so that she reached out to Project Manager Mike Zapalac to see if they could get some feedback on the things they saw.

Zapalac obliged and responded to their email, making sure the kids stay safe each day they’re there.

At the other elementary school campus, Maggie B. Selman’s Principal, Scott Wagoner, mentioned students have stepped into hall-monitor duties, patrolling the school right alongside the school’s police officer.

Students get to wear their own vest and go through all the reconnaissance to ensure no threats will be made to the school.

Also occurring during last week’s meeting:

•The Board approved an audit report of the Fiscal Year 2018.

•Approved a leading copper tubing manufacturer, Hailiang Group, to submit an application to the State Comptroller’s office to possibly start business in this area.

•Project Manager Mike Zapalac got the ball rolling on possible auditorium upgrades for the high school as well as a possible monument sign honoring state championships and other accomplishments.

•Approved District Initiated Revisions to compensation and benefits.

•Approved a one-time supplemental employee payment heading into the last of the calendar year.


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