Tiger lifters start strong


The first meet of the year is designed to work out the kinks of a new team and how each lifter can be used best.

Head coach Clark Harrell pushed a lot of the buttons correctly and received sizeable contributions from some of his top performers.

Three schools in Schulenburg, Brazos and, of course, Sealy, came together to schedule a series of meets where each team hosts a meet before determining who advances to regionals.

The Cougars from Brazos were first up and produced a timely meet with both boys and girls squatting, bench pressing and deadlifting in just over two hours.

Before the meet, Harrell had mentioned how excited he was for a lot of his guys to get out there after putting in the work in the early mornings that helped them to successful lifts when they counted.

“It’s the first meet so we’ll find out a lot,” coach Harrell said ahead of the day of competition. “And for a lot of the guys, they’ve never been to any meet before so it’ll be good experience.”

Things got started inside the squat rack where a pair of Tigers exceeded the 400-pound mark.

Senior Gustavo Vital ended with the most weight lifted for a participant from Sealy and got started in the right direction with a 405-pound max which was good for fourth overall in the event behind a trio of Shorthorns from Schulenburg.

Junior Patrick Washington also moved plenty of iron in the rack, finishing right behind Vital with a high of 400 over his three squat attempts to pile up points for the Tigers.

Although not far behind in weight, four other lifters were in between Washington and the next Sealy lifter, Alvin Nunn, who registered a 375-pound peak to help the cause.

Vital and Washington finished neck and neck again in the bench press category, earning fourth and fifth-place spots in that competition as well.

Vital’s 255 was nearly matched with Washington’s total of 245 but both lifters helped rack up even more points which would end up paying off.

Nunn was again the next closest Tiger in the results, with a max of 220 pounds beginning to mold the shape of the rest of the meet with only one event left.

Deadlifting usually includes plenty of weight on the bar and this meet was no exception, with the heaviest lifter, Schulenburg’s Shawn Allen, registering a 515-pound lift.

Vital remained consistent and lifted the fourth-most pounds in this category as well (405) to round his total out to 1,065 pounds when it was all said and done, good enough for a fifth-place overall finish.

It was, you guessed it, Washington who was closest behind Vital with his biggest deadlift of 330 pushing his overall total to 975 on the night, checking in with a sixth-place spot in the overall standings.

Nunn’s highest deadlift of 365 helped round his total up to 960 which left him in eighth overall and added some very valuable points that Sealy leaned on.

The higher the individuals finished, their teams were awarded points correspondingly and it was the host Cougars of Brazos the finished with the most team points in 40.

However, the Tigers were hot on their heels with 39 points from their best finishers while Schulenburg was still not far off with 35 of its own.

It was less close on the girls’ side, as head coach Julie Carruthers’ squad out-everythinged both Brazos and Schulenburg on their way to winning the first meet of the year.

Nine of the 15 female lifters wore Sealy colors, including five of the top seven, inflating the team score to 53. The Cougars were next with 24 and the Lady Shorthorns registered 14 team points.

Sabrina Terril’s total of 570 pounds spread across a 205-pound squat, 150 bench and 215 deadlift put her at the top of the list when it was all said and done, 50 pounds ahead of the second-place finisher.

A streak of Lady Tigers was not far behind, with Reghan Novicke, Avy Infante and Shyan Dotson all totaling 510 pounds each while Melanie Nieto was hot on their heels and closed her day out with a 500-pound total.

Those finishers helped pile on points to the team score that ultimately was not close and set the tone for the next two meets between these schools, the next one of which will be hosted at Sealy High School.


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