October essays from Selman Elementary


Skylar Parson 
My pet dog is trying to get in her doghouse. Her name is Zoe and I like taking her on walks. When we were on our walk it started raining and my Dad said, “Come back in the house because it’s going to rain all day.”


Zeke Konvicka
I am going to be a T-Rex for Halloween. My grandma thought I was a real T-Rex.

First Grade

Jeffrey Alvarez 
My Favorite Place
My favorite place is school. School is the best place ever. I like to make new friends at school. I am happy coming to school every day. I like to read in school. I love to play at recess.

Second Grade
Alexis Kamenicky 
I love school! School is the best place EVER! When I get up in the morning the first thing I have to do is get dressed. After that my mom does my hair. After all that me and my sisters head to school. P.S. we are walkers. When I get to school I go to breakfast. After all that I go to class. I’m in Mrs. Taylor’s class. When I get to class I get unpacked and get ready to switch to Mrs. Anderson’s class. First we get out our poem folder. Then we do writing. Then we do Reading. Then Social Studies and we switch back. Then we go to lunch and recess. Then we go to Specials . Then we go to Mrs. Taylor’s class and learn math and science.

Third Grade
Eddie Hawkes 
Marvelous Monday in Mexico!
Boo! Uhh dad is it time? Yea get up and get dressed the stuff is already loaded in the car. Ok so I get dressed and I look at the clock 3 o’clock! So dad when are we supposed to get there? Seven my dad told me. So I grab my tablet and got in my dad’s blue big Ford truck and drove to Chick-Fil-A for some breakfast. I started petting my dog. She started to nibble on my ear. I gave Shadow some of my chicken biscuit. Then I turned on my tablet and turned on Spongebob. Shadow watched it too, about two hours later we met our relatives at the border of Mexico and got out to stretch our legs. I walked around and found a hard white coyote skull. I brought it back and showed my dad. We got back in my dad’s truck. In fifteen minutes we reached our mansion like beach house. I told my dad that he told me that we were going to get there at seven! He said it must have been a mistake. I know one thing for a fact, now dads are always wrong about how long something is going to take! I mean five o’clock I am exhausted. So, I find our room and slept for two hours. I woke up and went to the kitchen. My dad is already in there. I looked at the clock and it said seven so my dad made me some waffles. He gets out my favorite…home-made canned peaches and homemade butter scotch syrup! I ate two big rich tasting waffles, washed my plate and went to put on my American flag swimsuit. Surprisingly, when I went outside my cousins were already out there! So I grabbed my boogie board and went with my deformed but favorite cousin, James. I am also his favorite cousin. I asked if there were any big waves and we were right smack in the best place for boogie boarding. Then all of a sudden were hit with an enormous wave which we were in mid air by the time we could see a bigger wave was right above us then CRASH! It happened again this time. We could see the whole way through. And the impact was so hard that we flew about fifteen feet in the air. James did a back flip and I went out of control and then PLOP! We both landed flat on our backs and we laid there for a few minutes on the hot sand in the sunny sun just staring up and then sat up and said together let’s do that again! So we went out to where we got hit and then James felt something brush against his leg. I felt it too, then a little scrawny like wave came directly at us but one good thing about it was it was filled with gray dolphins. And then one let me pet it. James said that was probably the thing that touched us. So then James got out his water proof camera and took a picture with him, me and the dolphin. We decided to name him Gary. We went to show my dad the picture. He wanted to meet Gary. Surprisingly, all of the dolphins left except Gary and Elsie were playing with him. She took Shadow’s collar off and put it on him. It looked a little loose but it was perfect for Elsie to hang on to and ride him. We went banana boating about ten minutes later by the time we got back it was late. It was my best day ever the end…or was it?!!

Fourth Grade
Lauryn Necker
The Brave Tucker Wells
Creeeek! I, Tucker Wells, fourth grader, have just seen the door to the haunted mansion open alone! I’m going in , but if I don’t come out, tell my wife I love her! As I carefully entered the haunted house, the door slammed shut behind me! I was trapped! I felt my heart beat out of my chest! Was it a bad dream? I heard a strange noise and felt something fly past me! I knew for sure it was real! I figured if I was about to die, I might as well look through the house. And if I don‘t die, well, then I’ll just suffer from bad dreams for the rest of my life. Oh, well. I started through the foyer and into the kitchen. As I got closer to what seemed like the living room, I heard something coming from upstairs. I debated on whether hiding, running, or not being a wimp. First of all, let me give you some background info. I am a C and D student and frankly, I’m pretty dumb. So with that, guess what I chose. If you answered C, then you are correct! I went upstairs! Big mistake! I went up to the master and into the closet. I saw a glowing, blue light. The noise had stopped but the light grew brighter. Even though my body wasn’t being pulled, I felt the urge to go closer, and closer and closer to the gleaming light! The light made me feel chills inside, almost as somebody turned on my inner air-conditioner. But to my surprise, it was just a lamp with blue bulbs, nothing special. As I toured the rest of the house, I realized the whole house was just a bunch of bologna! Everything was just a cheap knockoff to make the house seem scary. I headed back downstairs and out the door. Once my feet hit the ground the swarm of people waiting stampeded me! They asked me about a million questions! I was about to tell them that everything was a fake, but then I realized that if I told them that, I couldn’t be the big hero I wanted to be for coming out of there alive. So, I decided to stretch the truth a tiny bit. I told them my little fib and not two months later, I’m hitting on a float in the town parade! That just goes to show that a tiny fib won’t hurt! Happy Halloween!

Fifth Grade
Aiden Johnson
A Boy and His Dog
My Name is Dallas and I am ten year old. I live in the mid-Atlantic colony on a large farm. I have eight others in my house. Their names are Mama, Papa, Claire (sister), Max, George (brothers), Uncle Charles, Aunt Sasha, and cousin, Boris. Our life is always an adventure on the farm.
One day when I went out to hunt with Papa at the old, enclosed forest, we saw a couple scaly and furry creatures. When Papa saw what I was looking at, he grabbed his gun. He gripped the gun, in fact, he clutched it so hard his hands were white. He aimed and PLOW!! The bunny lay still with deep, red fur. We went to get it but something else was sniffing it intently. When I realized what it was, I jumped up and down. Then I realized it was staring me in the eyes and wagging its fluffy tail. I looked up at Papa with a, “Please can we keep it?” expression. Papa said, “ Fine, but you have to complete double chores for a month.
So that month, I milked the cows, fed the chickens, scrubbed the house, and even helped out in a bucket brigade. Papa and I built a fence with a heavy ball on the back so that the dog would not get out. I didn’t have any time to play Marbles or Cricket. I wanted that dog so much I accidentally worked two months!
I finally got my time with my dog. He loved fishing and laying in the grass. I realized I didn’t have a name for my dog yet. So I stopped and thought about it and decided to name him Ace. Ace and I were companions forever.


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