My mother is my hero


Becky Towery is the white 68-year-old Beyonce.

She is fierce.

And she will hate that comparison because she likely questions Beyonce’s moral character based on what she saw on the cover of a tabloid at the Tom Thumb supermarket.

She would rather be compared to someone who is known for her kindness, service and her walk with Christ than someone who wears a leotard and fishnet stockings and can do a hair flip mid-song like nobody’s business.

Although my mother is beautiful and kind and funny, she’s also really strong. She’s a cancer survivor. She is often tired but she pushes through pain, illness and fatigue because it’s just what she does. She cooks dinner every night for my dad. She babysits her four grandchildren a couple of times a week and she spends time with her own mother at the assisted living home. As I write this I just got off the phone with her to make plans for a Mother’s Day visit. She told me that she had a grandchild next to her and they were going to take a nap.

That is awesome.

I wasn’t a super easy kid to deal with. My mom, who got married at age 22 and started having babies soon after – in 1975 – didn’t know what she was doing. But she did good. She fumbled in the dark. She worked as a teacher and was beloved by her students. Of course she was.

She always encouraged me to be creative. She wanted me to thrive and be loved, to have good friends and to read and write because those were the things that fed my soul. There was never a conversation about money or calories or why I missed that catch in right field (I missed all of them). The reason it looks like I shave my left eyebrow is not a fashion statement; it’s because a softball hit me in the head and I had to have stitches. Apparently eyebrow hair does not grow back over a scar. Who knew?

When I was a kid, my mother and I sang in the living room to cassette tapes in a boom box. We cleaned house every Saturday and we watched “Alf” and “Growing Pains.” She took me to Shipley Do-nuts before school almost every day for a Diet Coke and sausage and cheese kolache.

She was on the drum line in the marching band and valedictorian at Jacksonville High School. She holds a degree from the University of Texas, where she met my dad back in the 1970s.

I am so grateful that cancer didn’t take her away from me and that I’ve had an opportunity to make amends for being a horrible bratty teenager. Not everyone gets the chance to mend those fences and build a friendship with the person who knows them best and loves them unconditionally.

Our icebreaker question in Sunday school this past week was, “Who is your person you can call at 2 a.m.?”

Without a doubt, it’s Rebecca Jeanne Towery.

My mother is my warrior princess. She taught me how to be a good person (some would argue that is still a work in progress). She taught me to chase my dreams. She taught me to be loyal and generous. She is love.

Hug your mama today and tell her happy Mother’s Day.

April Towery is the managing editor of The Sealy News. She can be reached at 979-885-3562 or via email at


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