Master Gardeners improving Levine Park


Sealy citizens may notice some more color has been added to Levine Family Park in the past few months. The park is being replanted with new shrubbery and flowers by The Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association.

Ground that once held bushes and dying oak trees will now be home to flowers and shrubbery with brighter colors and better smells. Renee Kofman, the project leader in Sealy, is in charge of maintaining the park’s plant life.

One of the more significant changes being made to the park on top of the new flowers being planted in the park is the installation of a new irrigation system. Kofman said it will allow her to tend to the flowers more efficiently.

“I had to hand water everything before this and when you spend this much money on plants and it reflects so much on the city then we have to make sure everything gets done and looks the best it can,” Kofman said. “Leroy Zapalac is so generous because he’s in charge of the park’s foundation and he is just so giving and willing to help this cause.”

Kofman said one of the things that initiated the change of scenery in the park were the dead trees at its entrance. As a result of the trees being dead, they had begun to become more of a hazard than anything else.

“The tree had falling limbs and then because they were dead, they were infected with a fungus that began to spread to the other flowers,” Kofman said. “They were hollow and dead and so I had an agriculture agency come out to verify they were dead and we took them out.”

Along with the trees, bushes approximately six feet tall were removed from the park as well. Kofman has and will continue to plant roses, more colorful bushes and other plants to replace them through the summer and into next fall.

While the irrigation system is still above ground at the moment, Kofman said she plans to bury them under mulch in the near future. Ultimately, she said she wants the park to reflect beauty to the city.

“I love small towns and I love the fact there’s a place for family’s can go and have picnics and it’s kind of like the experience I had as a child and to create this gathering place in the middle of Sealy is something I love,” Kofman said. “I just want to keep a beautiful and clean park and being in charge of it is something really special to me.”


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