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Letter to the Editor

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Once again the City’s failure to honor a contract has resulted in the filing of a lawsuit against the City. Please understand that the Developer with the assistance of Wilson Engineering has tried for over a year to either get this breach cured or to work out a solution acceptable to both parties. The actions and circumstances which made this suit inevitable have been created at an Administrative level, without allowing the Council any opportunity to prevent the suit. This has been made possible due to the actions of the two people who control what the City Council sees and has an opportunity to act upon. These two men, City Manager Larry Kuciemba and Mayor Mark Stolarski, control what goes on the Agenda for City Council Meetings. They have used that power and control to keep the Council from having an opportunity to cure the City’s Breach of Contract and therefore created a situation that could only be cured if the two of them personally decided to cure it. Without the breach being cured, we lose the major grocery anchor.

The Sealy Comprehensive Plan is the governance roadmap that guides the Council and Staff of the City It’s priorities were defined by those citizens who attended the workshops and meetings to choose what the citizens thought most important to the City of Sealy’s future growth. Final Prioritization took place on December 18, 2008 at a workshop with many in attendance. Twenty individuals participated in ranking the subjects identified. This Plan is periodically updated and continues to serve as a guide for the Council and City Staff in the pursuit of their respective duties. The Comprehensive Plan was a factor in the creation of the JAC Memorial Park (#3 on the priorities list includes parks), the Highway 36 improvements (#5 on the list), Texas Main Street City designation (Tie #6 Downtown revitalization), the new railroad quiet zones (Tie #6 railroad noise control), and the planned waste water treatment facility (Tie #6 expand or replace facility).

The number one priority listed in the Comprehensive Plan is Interstate 10 frontage roads to “encourage economic development, tax base, and local jobs”. We were officially asked to partner with the City in the first of the frontage roads by letter on February 28, 2009 although we had discussed the possibility since January of 2008, and we had purchased the additional property required by the City in good faith. It is now nearing completion as we watch, and it is likely that sometime in March the last of the construction barrels and signs will have been removed, the barricades taken down, and the construction company and all their equipment will be gone. The Developer has invested a considerable amount of time and money since January of 2008 (nine years!) trying to make it work to the benefit of the community. The City quit trying in 2015. Filing suit is our only viable option.

David Cryan

Managing Member of Town Park Center, L.L.C.

Letter to the Editor

SHS 2018 Class has 241 prospective graduates--nearly 50 more students and less than 16 months to graduation. Additional guests could number between 200-400 more. Typical graduations on the football field in the last five years, with less than 195 graduates, have caused standing and over-crowding. If bad weather places graduation in the gym, 2018 grads may not be provided six tickets for guests, but penalized with four or less.

We had meetings or appeared before the school board to present these concerns: June 2014 — Superintendent Moore; September 2014 — SISD School Board; February 2015 — Dr. Poenitzsch; and April 2016 — SHS Administration. We suggested additional bleachers placed on the track, or an indoor venue change, like the Merrell Center in Katy (20 miles) for safety, capacity, and comfort. Every graduation has students that are their family’s first graduate, and have no knowledge of seating at graduation. However, SISD’s answer without actually polling parents/students, was that no one would want graduation outside of Sealy.

Finally, SISD posted a survey concerning a change of venue for graduation on Facebook, Remind 101, SHS website, and emails to students. The survey was unnecessarily alarming to classes (other than 2018) not facing the sharp increase in graduates. Instead of informing parents and students as to the TRUE nature and REASON for the survey, it was purposely vague and misleading.

The posted survey stacked the deck against those seeking a change: 1.) Sealy stadium graduation choice was placed first, weighing heavily with those having no knowledge of the true facts; 2.) second choice, Change of Venue, went too far with the 60-mile possibility frightening parents and students--closer venues exist; 3.) information regarding the survey was omitted, including 2018s size. Sadly, the survey was posted one week.

Placing folks on the visitor’s side is not an option; having students face the scoreboard is not an option; graduation in the gym with only three or four tickets for guests is not an option--these are all penalties for being the largest class.

Graduation 2018 should be safe and comfortable, with ALL guests witnessing the moment this record-breaking class receives its diplomas. School board members and administration, who make graduation decisions, sit on the football field with a better view of the graduates — they do not sit in the bleachers with the guests; many never having sat in the bleachers in recent years.

If this letter makes you question the survey and its lack of information, please contact SISD administration or school board, or SHS principal, and question it. SHS traditions of graduation will not suffer because the venue is somewhere else, but the Class of 2018, its families and guests, may suffer if the graduation is allowed to remain in the Sealy stadium. SISD must be proactive, and not wait until no viable and nearby venues are available.


Mark & Barbara Litzmann


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