Letter to the editor


To the editor,

It certainly appears that our ex-mayor does not intend to let the fires die down as a new era of peace, love, and harmony settle over our little community in the wake of his term ending and the assumption of the leadership mantle by Mayor Whitehead. This man’s battle against all things Cryan has been consistent and open throughout his time on the council or as a councilman and as mayor. Sadly, the result is a small town in which the battle has wreaked havoc, caused a great deal of disharmony, resulted in multiple lawsuits, and delayed by at least two years the commencement of construction in Town Park Center. That lost time can never be recovered.

During this battle, insults have been hurled, innuendos have abounded, and litigators have cashed their hefty checks and taken them out of Sealy. At no time during this dispute fueled by the ex-mayor did the administration ever try to amicably settle any dispute between the parties. In spite of the city breach of both contracts the developer entered into with the city, attempts were made by the developer to resolve the issues by negotiating a mutually acceptable solution.

It is my belief that under the leadership of Mayor Whitehead and the current council the coming months will allow city staff and the developer to come to a satisfactory solution, one that addresses the concerns and interests of both parties and the citizens. I have that confidence because in working with city staff we have always been able to resolve issues without involving attorneys. Unfortunately, during the ex-mayor’s term in office, the professionals were prevented from providing a solution due to interference from city executive management.

Stolarski’s letter to the editor in the May 18, 2017, Sealy News is once again loaded with misrepresentations and serious factual errors, but I have decided to trust the good judgment of my friends, my neighbors and even my detractors to determine where the truth lies. I refuse to continue to battle with Mr. Stolarski as a private citizen. While he held office, I had no choice but to enter into the fray in hopes that some of the misinformation could be corrected. Today, I don’t. After today, I won’t.

I do invite anyone who is unsure about what is the real-truth, not Stolarski’s truth, and not my truth, but truth, to inquire of me personally regarding any issue you are unsure about, and I will share the documentation that is pertinent to your inquiry. The one exception is the contract Stolarski keeps referring to as a rumor. The other party to the contract has been in numerous meetings with city staff to discuss issues they needed to resolve before closing on their property. I would think that a mayor should have known that. That contract is subject to a confidentiality agreement and on that issue, you’ll just have to take my word.


Managing Member of Town Park Center, L.L.C.


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