Letter to the editor


The last time I penned a letter to this newspaper it concerned the legal system in Austin County, and once again the legal system in Austin County has failed. Judge Jeff R. Steinhauser if you want to call him that, has released a child abuser from his probation early, because he has been a good boy.

Your children are not safe with this man on the bench, just like the original judge that heard this case Dan Beck. So you can beat up a 14-month old baby and get away with it in Austin County. You can pick the baby up squeeze him until he throws up, head butt the baby in the face, punch then throw the baby on the floor and basically get away with it. How compassionate Steinhauser must feel about himself about right now.

The abuser got 90 days and 10 years’ probation the first time around, the Texas Family Code calls for two to 10 years for injury to a child. So what is going on in your county? How many other violent offenders are getting away with this kind of abuse? What did my grandson get? What kind of justice did he receive?

You should have seen his battered and bruised little body. What kind of justice have others suffered due to the lax punishment handed down by these so call judges? Now Judge Steinhauser and then Judge Dan Beck in the option of this grandfather fit into the same category as the abuser, and should not be allowed to sit in judgement.

So in closing if you want to brutally and viciously beat a baby all you have to do to get away with it is stand before the bench and show them your anger management certificate and tell them you found Jesus and they will let you go. 

A broken-hearted grandfather

Mark E. Trim


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