January and February essay winners from Maggie B. Selman Elementary School


January and February essay winners from Maggie B. Selman Elementary School


Ayree Novosad – Mrs. Anderson’s Class

Penguins can’t fly. Penguins can’t run. But they are really good swimmers. Penguins have to watch out for killer whales. They don’t care about the cold.


Alivia Reed – Mrs. Fernandez’s Class

I went to the circus. It was fun. I took a picture. I watched the circus people. I went to the circus with my family. I saw a lady with a hula hoop.

First Grade

Jaxson King – Mrs. Reed’s Class

Brown bears have long sharp claws for digging. They use their claws to dig for food. They eat fish, berries, nuts, fruit, leaves and roots. Brown bears are omnivores.

Second Grade

Kinsley Koy – P. Anderson’s Class

It was Christmas morning when my brother Braden came jumping on my bed and yelled “Christmas is here!” So we woke up everyone, including my sister Bailey and my brother Kasen. Then all the kids were walking down the stairs. My brother Kasen saw a ninja turtle house and a wheelbarrow and my other brother got a Jurassic World dinosaur and also a wheelbarrow. I got a V-tech watch and some fuzzy socks. My sister got fuzzy socks and a purple necklace. I did, too. My dog Milo got bacon flavored treats. My dad got things for the grill. My mom got new boots. Our whole family liked what they got!

Third Grade

Kimberlee Aguirre – Mrs. Noska’s Class

Have you been to Yogi Bear Park? Yea!!! I woke up at seven o’clock for an amazing day at Yogi Bear Park. The first thing we did was we ate bacon and egg tacos. During breakfast I said YUM!!! It was tasty. As soon as we finished eating we went to get dressed. We passed the mini golf and the waterpark when we left to go to the Dollar General. We bought stuff like a squishy for me and candy and chips for my family. When we got back we noticed that time flew by so we got on our swimming suits. Soon we left to go to the waterpark. After ten minutes of the small waterslide, we ate sandwiches. They were good. We went to the bigger slides. It was amazing when I was on them. I yelled “yea!” The ride was very fun. It got dark so we went back to our tent and quickly got out my bike for the bike parade. Soon I left for the parade as it got dark. As I saw my tent, my legs were so tired of peddling. They felt like they were going to fall off. I told my parents. Soon we had dinner. I went to a store by myself. It was dark but I can’t say scary but it was weird at that time. Soon I went into the store. I got the steak sauce for dinner. The sweet lady with plump cheeks checked me out. I left and when I got back the food was done. It was yummy! I had steak with sauce, coke and mashed potatoes. Soon we were done eating and headed for a shower and bed. It was a fun and tiring day at Yogi Bear Park. I loved our Yogi Bear Park visit and I had a bunch of fun!

Fourth Grade

Hailey Svoboda – Ms. Sodolak’s Class

Do you have a dog? Walking my dog is my favorite outdoor activity. I get exercise and he does, too. I want him to get tired so he will not bark at night and wake everyone up. One time we had a good walk so he did not bark at night. This is how I do it. I put on my tennis shoes and fix my hair. Then I put my puppy’s collar on and snap his leash on. We walk around the block of my house.

Another reason is I get exercise. I really enjoy to walk and run. Once he out ran me, but I let him get a head start. He was so happy. I know it is because he stands up on his back legs.

Another reason why I walk him is because when my dog barks, my cat rubs her paws on the back door. It’s so loud! That’s why walking my dog is my favorite outdoor activity.

Fifth Grade

Joanna Sayon – Ms. Browning’s Class

There stood a snowman as stiff as plank

For exactly three days straight

But after a week it went

Lower and lower until

Flop it fell over

And melted



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