Invite to big league camp: What's that mean?


If you’re reading this, it means the Dodgers – finally – announced their 2018 Big League Camp (BLC) non-roster invites.

Anddd guess who is one of them? Yep, Matty B. We’ve known (unofficially) through my husband Matt’s agent he was getting an invite since the winter meetings. He got a call from the Dodgers a couple of weeks ago, which made it official. And I’ve been waiting for the Dodgers and media to announce the invites to the public before sharing with you guys.

I wanted to write this post and explain what exactly getting a BLC invite means.

Just slow your roll before you start freaking out and telling everyone Matt is officially with the Dodgers. Because he isn’t.

Every Spring Training each MLB team invites players to BLC who are not on their official 40-man roster. The number of invites varies each year and between each club. The Dodgers invited 22 players this spring training.

Essentially the non-roster invites are competing for a spot on the 25-man/opening day roster. Matt and I know he isn’t really competing for a spot this ST but to earn an invite is a great accomplishment in and of itself. Also, having a strong ST at BLC will help him make a case to be put on the 40-man roster after next season to save him from the rule-5 draft. (Future blog for when that is happening.)

So instead of spending training on the minor league side, Matt will spend ST on the major league side. Meaning he will be practicing, going to meetings, eating, etc. on the big league side with the big league players. He will also go to/play in each big league game. Matt went to seven big league games last ST, which means the Dodgers just picked him from the minor league side to go to the big league games instead of the minor league games.

Now I say every but I should say until he is sent back to minor league camp. By the end of spring training, each team has to have their official 25-man roster to begin the season. So throughout spring training they make cuts and assign guys back to minor league camp.

Clarification: A 25-man roster is the roster each team has during the MLB season. Meaning they are with the team every day.

A 40-man roster is the complete roster each team has but 15 of those players are not with the MLB team during the season. Some are in AAA, AA or even hurt. If you’re on the 40-man, you’re making a lot more money than the average minor leaguer. Players on the 40-man can be added to the 25-man at any time.

*The team expands to 40-man roster on September 1. Once playoffs start the roster goes back to 25 active.

Matt is obviously excited and has earned 110 percent earned the invite. When I asked Matt what he was most excited about, he said getting to wear the one-earflap helmets! Too funny. (Minor leaguers wear the standard two flap helmets.) Fun fact I didn’t know until he just told me: it’s bad luck to wear and even put on the one earflap helmet until you’ve earned it — example: big league debut, big league camp.

This is going to be fun.

Jesica Beaty graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism and new media from Lipscomb University. She formerly served as reporter then managing editor for two South Texas newspapers. She blogs at


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