Letters to the editor

Ideas to improve development


Dear Editor,

Here is to a sustainable, lasting, and enhanced future for Sealy.

Please consider adding the following descriptors to the Sealy plan for success:

Sustainable: Are new business endeavors that are coming to Sealy sustainable ventures?

Lasting: The landscape of this city is being drastically altered at a frightening pace. Subdivisions are popping up everywhere to accommodate the masses wanting to relocate from the congestion and flooding of Houston and Katy. Industry is going to be taking over large areas of farm and ranch land. Variances to reduce lot size and amenities of new single and multifamily homesites are being frequently introduced at council and planning commission meetings. A concerted effort to create comfortable communities with parks, walking trails, playgrounds … in other words, comforts of home must be respected. People tend to stay when they are comfortable, when they feel like they belong.

Enhanced: Is the building being carefully constructed and monitored? Is planning guaranteeing that adequate wastewater management is taking place? Is enough water retention being provided for new businesses and single and multifamily homes?

An immediate plan to publicly announce all proposed variances should be put into effect to educate, and in some cases, warn citizens of changes not conforming to the city’s building regulations:

  1. Signs should be put up in the areas where proposed variances will occur. The sign should be readable from the street. If the variance applies to multiple residents, businesses, or lots, signs should be placed at each affected entity for three weeks before the final vote for the variance. The three-week time for the posted signs would allow adequate time for homeowners to attend a city meeting and voice their concerns.
  2. The council person or planning commission member who moves to accept a variance, and the names of the members who vote for it, should be included in a timely news release in The Sealy News and on the City of Sealy website. A more organized, public vote of variances is a top agenda item. Each modification negates city regulations, and the number of changes is becoming alarming.

Sealy citizens must become aware of changes to their city and the effect these changes will have on their lives. To remain ignorant is a huge mistake.

Diane Wuthrich



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