I literally love my nieces and nephews


I had the great privilege of spending the weekend in Dallas with my family. My parents live about 20 minutes away from my fabulous sister Carla, who has been married for 18 years to my fabulous brother-in-law Brian. “Our marriage is old enough to go to war,” he says.

The four kids are two girls: Ashley and Audrey, ages 15 and 13, and two boys: Tyler and Jacob, ages 9 and 5.

They’re all awesome in their own unique ways.

This weekend, however, was an opportunity to take the girls dress shopping, as they will be bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding.

Audrey, ever the diva, explained that she needs three wardrobe changes and prefers yellow and blush pink shades.

“It’s not like anything is going to look bad on me,” she informed us.

Ashley preferred floor-length jewel-toned gowns, and looked stunning in everything she tried on.

I told the girls that they reminded me of me and their mom when we were kids. I was quiet and shy, and preferred a good book to people (I still do) just like Ashley. My sister Carla was fun and loud and extroverted, and never met a stranger, much like her daughter Audrey.

But the truth is, they’re really not like us at all. They’re their own people. Audrey has nooooo filter, which is very much like her Aunt April.

They have their own unique personalities, and even though they have pretty stark differences from each other, they genuinely like each other and have developed into really good people. I’m grateful to count them among my friends.

Now the boys on the other hand … that’s a whole other thing.

Tyler, the 9-year-old, told me he wishes I lived in Dallas so we could go to Astros games together. I’m not sure he’s entirely grasped geography yet, but I’m cool with that. Jacob, the 5-year-old, also has gotten on the Astros bandwagon, announcing to me that he “literally loves [Astros pitcher] Justin Verlander,” complete with the Jose Altuve accent.

These kids are the best. God knew what he was doing when he predestined me to be the best aunt ever, because he gave me the best nieces and nephews ever.

April Towery is the managing editor of The Sealy News. She can be reached at 979-885-3562 or via email at editor@sealynews.com.


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