Heigl flick is entirely forgettable


Let me explain.

I have a weird quirk. I see previews for awful, cheesy Lifetime movies and immediately want to watch them. If they involve a former Charlie’s Angel or Meredith Baxter Birney, even better.

So I added “Unforgettable,” starring Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson, to my Netflix queue and purposely watched it by myself so no one could make fun of me for my poor choice or make me turn it off.

The story goes that Heigl’s character Tessa was married and had a child. Her husband left her and moved on to date and become engaged to Dawson’s character, who was so remarkable that I’ve forgotten her name. Heigl doesn’t like that her ex has found another love, so she does weird stuff like sneak into their home and steal Dawson’s engagement ring, plant lies in her daughter’s head, create a fake Facebook account so Dawson’s abusive ex-boyfriend will come back into the picture, frame Dawson for murder and basically try to split up the happy home.

Just another Tuesday in the life of California housewives.

Bonus: Heigl’s mother is played by former Charlie’s Angel Cheryl Ladd. Score!

This movie is awful. It gets zero stars. But I watched every second of it.

Viewers will be aware that there’s gonna be a body count at the end of the movie but we don’t quite know who the victims will be. There were a couple of plot twists but it tries way too hard to tie it up with a big red bow happy ending that just doesn’t ring true.

It feels like it was written by a university drama student. I read that Kate Hudson and Kerry Washington were originally slated to star. But I’m pretty sure once they read the script, they gracefully bowed out.

Dawson’s acting is pretty decent, and Katherine Heigl is believable as an ice queen crazy person.

Heigl is pretty but name one of her movies that was great. Yeah, you can’t.

Rosario Dawson is good – especially for someone who was discovered in 1995 sitting on her front porch and went on to star in “Kids” – but she also has had quite a few flops.

It all boils down to a bad script.

I think I knew what I was getting into – a pretty crappy movie but also maybe a bit of a guilty pleasure. It’s OK to watch crappy movies once in a while but I can’t in good conscience recommend this one.


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