Happy tails: A pup-quel


Last week I shared about the little puppy we began fostering, Maggie. At the time, we didn’t know whether or not we would simply be her foster family ... or her forever family. Well, a lot can happen in a week.
From the first moment we brought Maggie home, it was impossible not to fall in love with her. She was a fuzzy little ball of equal parts play and snuggle. She had a great time running the yard with our rescue-pup Millie (our almost-12-year-old lab wanted no part of that), and our oldest Parker. When it came to “the littles,” she sweetly followed them around from room-to-room, and she made sure to show her gratitude to my husband I as well - there was lots of puppy love to go around!
In that same day, we also learned that she had a long way to go in regard to training. Poor girl had been somewhat neglected for her first four months, and she needed to learn all of the skills that come along with puppydom - going to the bathroom OUT-side, no jumping, and definitely no biting the hand that feeds you. Yes, she was all puppy, but she was a very good puppy.
Her disposition was as sweet as can be and combined with the fact that she wasn’t a shedder or a barker, we realized that we needed to bless another family with Miss Maggie - after all, this Mama Bear already has three little cubs to care for!
So the hunt for Maggie’s fur-ever family began.
Since we truly loved the little gal and weren’t in a hurry, we had the luxury of being pretty picky about where she would end up. So, we spent some time praying, and before the week was up, we found the perfect place for her, an empty-nester couple in San Antonio. These long-time dog lovers had lost their pet about a few months earlier, and realized they were ready for their next best friend … enter Maggie.
As wonderful as I thought this couple was, I had a nagging concern in the back of my mind, “I think Maggie may need a friend … what if she doesn’t like being the only dog in the house?” Thankfully, God had a plan for that. Earlier that same day, the couple took on an additional foster pup, but by the time they met me to pick up Maggie, they had decided to adopt him too!
We had peace that we did the right thing in taking her in, and letting her go … but that doesn’t mean it was easy. We all shed some tears for Maggie when she left, and none more than my sweet Parker. Even though she was only with us a short time, we loved her, and I’m proud of my young crew for the part they played in Maggie's life. They took her in, filled her full of love, and sent her out to do the same for her new family - talk about a happy tail!

Jordan Schupbach is a mother of three living in the Fulshear area. She blogs at www.lattesandliving.com - sharing the good, the bad and the frenzied.


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