Sealy youngster has brain tumor removed


Sunday marked a full week since Lisa Svoboda got a heads up that something might not be quite right with her daughter Hailey.

The events over the following days will certainly be difficult to evacuate her thoughts.

Ten-year-old Hailey Svoboda underwent hours of surgery last week to remove a tumor at the base of her brain.

Plenty of medical experts were referenced and an attack plan was finally devised by Dr. William Whitehead who operated without a clock in order to maintain focus on the task at hand and not worry about how long it was going to take.

After receiving updates throughout all 13 hours Hailey was under anesthesia, the Svoboda family kept the community updated with a blog housing all of the latest news from the hospital.

The first few days following the surgery were pretty rough and mother Lisa Svoboda, principal at Sealy Junior High, noted that she thought the surgery was going to be the most nerve-wracking part but she soon found out that the long road to recovery has been more challenging.

Hailey has already shown signs of improvement, receiving visitors although still in the intensive care unit as of Monday afternoon.

The family as a whole has received an outpouring of support exemplified by the hundreds of #HaileyStrong T-shirts that were printed for the community from Visual Promotions.

An update from Saturday night included a picture of Hailey holding her own cup to drink out of and her mom noted that although it may come off as something minor, it is a good sign moving forward.

“It may seem like a small thing, but for our baby girl this is a really big deal right now,” Lisa Svoboda wrote on her blog at Smore. “Keep the prayers coming … the tomorrows are better than the yesterdays and we will continue to move forward faithfully believing that our sweet girl will be fully restored. Thanks for your love and payers.”

Another early update noted that despite not having the full pathology report, the initial signs were pointing to a benign tumor, or non-cancerous. With the full removal of said tumor, the biggest part of the recovery will include the restoration of muscles affected in the surgery.

That will come with the impending physical therapy and Lisa Svoboda noted that they’re praying for patience for their little girl who certainly would love to be outside throwing a ball around instead of rehabbing. She mentioned frustrations arising from Hailey, but simply from the fact that she’s not quite able to do everything she was used to.

Several SJH faculty members attended a school board meeting Sept. 26 on the principal’s behalf.

"It takes three of us to do what one of her does," one junior high assistant principal, Barry Wolf, noted before presenting the Principals' Report.

The other junior high assistant principal, Melanie Zeller, accompanied Wolf as well as interventionist Tina Kelly, who led the prayer at the beginning of the meeting.

That will certainly only push her further to recovery to be able to enjoy the outdoors once again.

You can follow along with the updates on smore.com/w0371 to get all of the news right away complete with pictures and a video from the hospital.


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