Goad prepares for state


When sophomore Maddie Goad finished the first round of the 4A regional tournament, she was sitting in 17th place and simply aiming to beat her finish last year of 12th place. By the end of the second day, she was sinking her final putt in a two-hole playoff to earn her medal to qualify to compete in the state tournament.

“I’m a crier so I definitely started crying as soon as it went in,” she said. “Me and the girl I played against in the playoff both couldn’t believe that we were doing this as sophomores and I didn’t think I’d be here at all.”

Goad is the only Sealy golfer that is going to state but said her teammates have helped her as she prepares for the state tournament.

“I’ll go out with my teammates still and mainly Aidan [Roberts] will walk a lot with me because he really wants to make state next year and I want to help him get there too because he deserves it,” Goad said. “But all of my teammates have really supported me through the season and they’ve been a huge help.”

The sophomore said she hasn’t let the upcoming tournament become a daunting presence in her life and has even forgotten about it coming up until someone reminds her of it. Goad said the fact she has two more seasons to improve after this has helped her see the tournament as an opportunity to grow.

“I’ve played tons of tournaments and faced a lot of high-pressure moments so this just adds to that and I’m two-for-two in playoffs now so I think I’m doing pretty well,” she said.

Goad and her coach are preparing for state by going to the range and practicing shots they know she will have to make due to challenges on the course. Coach Lonnie Goad said they will take advantage of the one practice round they are allowed the day before the first round.

“The Sunday before the tournament, you can have one practice round and we’ll do it because they have to even it up because some qualifiers can play it every day if they’re close and that’s a heck of an advantage,” Maddie Goad said. “So everyone gets one practice round that day and that’s it.”

The state tournament will be played on May 21 and 22 at the Slick Rock golf course in Horseshoe Bay. When asked what was going through her mind when she realized she was going to likely win the playoff and compete in state, Goad said one thing particular came to mind.

“This is going to sound so 21st century but when my friend told me I’m tied to be a medalist and I looked up and realized she was right I tried thinking about what I was going to post to Instagram to announce it,” she said with a laugh.


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