Goad takes 6th at Regional preview


Oso Beach Golf Course in Corpus Christi will play host to the Region IV Tournament in another month but teams were able to get a preview of the course and how it plays last week and a trio of Lady Tigers took advantage of their time on the course despite some unfriendly winds.

The girls walked 36 holes in one day; that's a story they can always tell to their grandkids. These three girls can never let anyone say that they are not mentally and physically strong.

This is the first time this year the two freshmen girls have played by the UIL 9 rules.

Emily Luther was quite impressive seeing as how her score basically stayed the same as her other tournaments earlier this year. Right now her short game is not as advanced as the rest of her game, but as she gets more experience she will see her scores drop more and more. This time around, Luther totaled 117 in the first round and 121 in the second round for a 238-stroke total.

Rayne Wallace has displayed a positive outlook through her beginner phase and will continue to see improvement as she plays and practices throughout the offseason. A first-round score of 141 was followed by a 137-stroke second round to finish with a total of 278.

The senior, Maddie Goad, had a rough start.

Not that she was playing poorly; just had the ball end up in some bad, awkward positions that cost her some strokes in the first round. She showed what a true competitor she is by coming back with a great second-round score that was played through gale-force winds. A first round of 95 was followed by an 85-stroke second round to total 180.

The average score was four strokes higher for the golfers in the second round compared to the first round due to the strong winds. However, Goad shot 10 strokes lower in the afternoon round.

Overall, head coach Lonnie Goad noted he is impressed with the girls, adding above the rest; “They probably walked close to eight or nine miles all the while swinging their clubs also.”


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