“For Whom the Bell Tolls”


Seventeenth Annual Commemoration of National Crime Victims’ Right Week will be observed April 2 – 8, 2017.

This year’s theme is “Let Victims’ Rights Ring Across America!”  Every state has laws that implement “RIGHTS” specifically for citizens that have become victims of a crime.  It’s a special week dedicated to those that have been injured and killed by criminal victimization.  It’s also time to reflect on the improved rights and services for these victims.

For victim rights to ring, laws are not quite enough.  It will also require the support of volunteers to help innocent victims get the help they need and deserve.

You may be thinking Victim’s Rights has nothing to do with me . . .

Let’s not forget the victims, because we NEVER KNOW when we may also have to walk the path they are walking.  They have received a life sentence in a way, because being a victim, will in so many ways, change their lives forever.

In closing, crime does not discriminate by race, gender, or age, it is out there and can happen to YOU or anyone at any time.

It’s just reassuring to know there is help in dealing with it if you are one of the unfortunate ones.

This year there will be banners and wreaths placed at each side of the courthouse, also a poster and wreath at the Sheriff’s Office, in honor of victims in our country and the ones here at the home (Austin County).

Barbara Reinhardt

Crime Victim Services


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