Fifth time’s the charm


While my husband and I were planning our wedding, I don’t believe I would have qualified myself as a “bridezilla.” However, during those first few months of wedded bliss, I may have been a bit of a “wifezilla.” I remember distinctly moving into the Mr.’s home and aching to put a touch on all the things. If it was decorative, I had an opinion.
I was insistent on having every square inch of our little townhouse repainted because the existing colors “didn’t hug me.” Thankfully my sweet new hubby of four seconds found that more endearing than he did annoying, and we survived the nesting phase... one room at a time.
Now that we’ve officially gotten a new address I can successfully say that we have completed our fifth move together, which averages out to about once ever-other-year (#MakeItStop). Over the last four moves I’ve picked up some tricks to staying happily married during the process, and my biggest tip would be to over-appreciate everything your spouse does to help … with anything.
Each time my husband hangs a picture, I act as if he’s hung the moon, and I’ve also learned to let a lot (I mean a LOT) go. In the past, I wanted things to get done quickly and perfectly, but now I just want them done.
In the spirit of getting things done, my husband was hanging the drapes in my son’s room, and I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention. At the risk of micro-managing his drapery hanging skills, I thought it would be better to remove myself from the situation. Out of nowhere, I heard a loud crash, a big thud, and then a much louder “AGH!” I got up and ran in there half afraid the kids, and I would be taking a seriously injured Daddy to the ER.
Thankfully, Dad was fine, but the wall and baseboard had seen better days. He went to set the drill down on the ladder when it slipped right off bouncing around like a ping-pong between the wall and ladder until finally crashing down and splitting the baseboard. Poor guy felt terrible to have dinged up our new house, but all I could do was breathe a sigh of relief that he wasn’t hurt. Sure it’s disappointing, but having my partner in crime be out of commission would be far worse.
Later, as we were moving things back around in the room, we set a bookcase off to the side, to get it out of the way. Before moving it back, I took a second look, and said, “Hey, I like it there – don’t worry about putting it back in front of the window, OK?”
Since it’s solid wood and weighs a ton, that was A-OK by him. Then, as God would have it, we realized that the randomly (yet perfectly) placed bookcase was covering the entire drill-wall-ladder crime scene. Crisis averted!

Jordan Schupbach is a mother of three living in the Houston area. She blogs at - sharing the good, the bad and the frenzied.


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