Fifth graders compete in Science Fair


The fifth graders participated in their annual science fair on April 17.

These students have been working on their science projects since the beginning of January by conducting research, forming hypotheses, performing experiments and collecting data.

With 13 participants, there were many exciting experiments, including the testing of memory vs. age, the accuracy and strength of different softball bat types, and how the mass of an object affects the distance that it travels when ejected from a home-made catapult. It was a very exciting day of presentations and judging of the individual projects.

Several students earned honorable mention certificates for their projects, including: Joe Bob Lequerica for his testing of the accuracy of different polo mallets, Seth Blaschke for his experiments with cabbage clones, and Avery Swierkowski her project was about testing the relationship of size and age to the heart rate of her horses.

Swierkowski was presented a special award for her choice of bible verse for her biblical application requirement - Matthew 6:21 New International Version (NIV): “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

She said that she used that verse because her horses are a part of her heart and they are also her treasures.

Certificates and medals were awarded to the following: third-place winner Olivia Bagnall for her experiment regarding how plants respond to negative and positive stimuli in their environment.

Second-place winner Colton Randall, with his experiment regarding how the brain and body behave depending on what side of the brain is dominant.

As well as first-place winner, Darcy Luedke, for her experiment using a gram scale and water displacement to find out which baking flour produces the fluffiest muffins.


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