March essay winners from Maggie B. Selman Elementary School


March essay winners from Maggie B. Selman Elementary School.


Kolt Poenitzsch – Mrs. Rabius Class

I went to the Sandy Mountains and we slid down them. My dad slid down with my baby brother. My sister was about to slide down and she didn’t listen to my mom and she slid down and made Kade’s nose bleed.


Paul Picasso – Mrs. Fernandez Class

Penguins live in Antarctica. They can eat fish. Penguins cannot fly. They can slide on their bellies. Their moms throw their food in their baby’s mouths. They have eggs. They have blubber. They have flippers. Penguins can waddle. Penguins cannot fly. They have beaks.

1st Grade

Danika Orsini – Mrs. Zientek’s Class

I want to tell you about my cute and fluffy teddy bear. My teddy bear has a fluffy tummy. My teddy bear has a small head. My teddy bear has a dark pink nose. My teddy bear has pink ears. Me and my teddy bear love to play together!

2nd Grade

Jayden Garner – Mrs. P. Anderson’s Class

I went to a hotel. It was close to the beach. It was fun. It was time for breakfast. We had waffles and orange juice. The waffles looked like the state of Texas. We went to the pool and we had water balloons. It was fun and then we went to go with our mom for two minutes in our room. After that we drove to the beach. I went in the water. It felt good and I found a jellyfish. I put it in the dirt so it could die in the dirt. After that I got cheeto puffs. After that we got ice cream and then we went to the hotel so we could packup to go home. It was fun. I wish I could go again.

3rd Grade

Julissa Olvera – Mrs. Parson’s Class

Giant pandas are among the most bred animals in the world because they are rare and are becoming endangered. Giant pandas as mostly found in Western China.

The height of a panda on all four legs is 28-30 inches. The height of a panda’s upright is 66 inches. The length of a panda is 6 feet. The weight of a panda is 200-240 lbs. Male pandas are a little larger than females.

Panda means “bamboo eaters” and bamboo makes up almost all of the pandas diet. An adult panda spends about 16 hours a day eating up to 40 lbs of bamboo. Giant pandas are mammals and give birth to small cubs. A female panda gives birth to either one or two cubs every few years. A mother panda has to stay focused to care for just one baby. She usually just raises one cub and ignores any others. A fun fact is pandas do not hibernate like other bears do.

4th Grade

Marisol Mendez – Ms. Wilson’s Class

Ding! My oven is now pre-heated and I’m ready to make my delicious brownies. Yum! I like to bake because I like seeing how much I’ve been improving these past years! I also like baking because adding the ingredients is my favorite part.

The reason I love baking is that I can see how I used to bake vs. now! I used to make mug cakes and box cakes. I mean not that I don’t anymore but now I’m going to make homemade cakes! I still bake box brownies with my aunt but I’m going to bake like my grandma now. She bakes all homemade!

Another reason I love baking is because I love adding the ingredients. When I bake, I love cracking the eggs, and add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. When I help my mom bake a cake, it is so satisfying to whisk.

Now in goes my brownies. Ding! Huh! Oh! It’s ready! YUM! This is why I love baking!

5th Grade

Kaden Crawley – Mrs. Browning’s Class

Once upon a time there was a brave young farmer names Thomas. He was a poor lad who shared a home with his sister Sarah. His hair was brown and his clothes were torn, but he still lived happily with his pet Grizzle bear by a beautiful lake. One day while Thomas was harvesting his crops he found an unlucky coin. Unaware of what the coin meant he slipped it in his pocket and continued working. “What do you reckon I do with this coin Grizz?”

The bear only roared in reply, “Come on it’s about time we go home. My sis is probably worried to death”. Thomas walked home and opened the door. Thomas was now the one worried. His sister Sarah should have been home. In the kitchen he found a note that read, “Dear Thomas, she’s coming for me, the witch… please find me. I’ve done something terrible. I’ve stolen from the witch. She’s going to her castle in the Forgotten World. She’s here. Don’t take the…”. The note was incomplete. “Come on Grizz we gotta go.”

Now everyone knows that you have to pay the price to enter the Forgotten World. Hours later our hero arrives at the gate to the portal. “Knight I wish to enter the Forgotten World.” Knowing he had to pay the proper payment, Thomas quickly dropped a silver coin in to the knight’s hand.

“You may pass” he replied while pocketing the coin. Thomas passed the stubborn guard and approached the fiery portal. “Drop in a coin and jump in”, the guard announced.

Thomas searched his pockets. He found an old rusty coin in his left pocket. “Here we go bear.” With that he leaped into the portal.

Thomas woke up to Grizz licking him in the face. “Off bear!” he yelled. Thomas stood up and observed a dark storm in front of him. Fire and blood red sand surrounded him. The two ran toward the stone castle. A soon as they arrived Thomas noticed an old bridge guarded by a fat troll with a spiky stone club. Thomas started toward the bridge and his chest was immediately met with the club. Thomas screamed and collapsed to the ground. Grizz roared and tackled the beast and Thomas snatched the club right before the troll met his demise in the fiery moat. Blood was drooling out of his chest. “We have to keep moving!” Thomas told his companion. Thomas and Grizz carefully crossed the crooked bridge. “Get ready.” Thomas kicked the door open and gasped at the sight of his sister tied up hanging above a pit of lava. “Give me back my sister you witch!” Thomas started toward the witch but was immediately overcome by the pain coming from his chest.

“Oh dear, did my sweet little troll boy hurt you Sonny?” the nasty witch said in a crooked tone. Grizz charged toward the witch and was blasted by a crimson red blaze.

“No!" Thomas leaped up and threw the spiky club wacking the wicked witch in the gut. She fell and burned up in the fiery lava.



Thomas freed Sarah and rushed to bear’s aid. With the help of his sister, Thomas saved the bear and they all returned home. “You know bear, I’ve finally decided what to do with this coin I found.” Thomas gripped the coin and threw it into the ocean. And for once in his life he was happy.


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