Letter to the editor

Development rules ignored


Dear Editor,
The Sealy Planning Commission will soon be working on a 2020 Comprehensive Plan that will serve as a roadmap for the massive building and expansion of this area.
This plan lists the restrictions on building and development in Sealy … but then, there are lots of variances being granted to builders that make the current plan look more like a slice of stale Swiss cheese than an actual guideline to assure Sealy maintains its charm and safety. (These apartment builders and owners do not live in Sealy.)
Multiple-story apartments are cropping up in single-family areas and are now allowed to limit space between multiple-story buildings to ten feet, instead of the 35 feet of green space originally called for in the current comprehensive plan. Now, homeowners near these developments can anticipate kids in the street. No playgrounds are being planned for young residents; instead, a minimal fee for “future” parks and recreation areas is assessed, and then forgotten about.
Two questions were asked in the meeting that put the comprehensive plan into focus: Has the current plan even been used? Assistant Planning Commissioner Warren Escovy admitted it was basically shelved after completion. What is the use of a comprehensive plan if variances are created for every new builder moving into Sealy? Think about it.
Diane Wuthrich


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