Branch applauds Dabney’s career


Heading into her final game on the court of Sealy High School, Lady Tiger head coach Anthony Branch couldn’t say enough positive things about his lone senior getting ready to wrap up quite the four-year career in black and gold.

Diari Dabney still has a softball season to play but her time on the basketball court wearing Sealy across her chest is running out but that’s a clock that has been running for a long, long time.

Branch went as far back into his memory and couldn’t think of a better athlete he’s come across, with even better parents to boot.

“Hopefully Tuesday’s not her last game of the year but with her being the only senior on the team that really says a lot about her character,” Branch said of Dabney. “And how her parents have raised her, you can’t get better from the parents she’s got.”

He said they never missed any game, be it volley soft or basketball going on, adding that they truly are the ideal type of parents coaches want to work alongside with.

Those adults have raised the type of high schooler who Branch said always gave her best effort, even when running on empty.

“She never made any sort of excuse for missing or anything. She’s instead come in and said, ‘I don’t feel great but I’ll give you what I’ve got,’” Branch recounted. “If every parent raised their kids like that, we’d never have any issues,” he said emphatically.

Branch has been coaching for a while, but he knew early on that Dabney was a special one and one that will hold a special place in his memory for the years to come.

But again, he hoped that Tuesday’s game wasn’t her last, but went into it hoping to feed her the ball plenty and let her get shots up at will against Stafford.

For it not to be the finale the Lady Tigers need to take care of business over the No. 2 Lady Spartans and No. 6 Fulshear has to come out on top over No. 4 Wharton to bump them down and Sealy up to the final remaining playoff position.


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