Staying in touch Down Under


My brother is embarking upon a quest to attain his doctorate of physical therapy and sits just one clinical rotation away from the final steps he’ll take across the graduation stage.

He did the classroom portion out in Goodyear, Arizona and I was able to accompany him both ways on the cross-country road trip.

He did his first two of three rotations near home in New England and now he’s underway in his third one, in Sydney.

Yeah, that Sydney.

The hardest part has been communicating with him being on the opposite side of the day.

He’s 17 hours ahead of us here in Texas which forces quick math to be done in my head any time I want to reach out so thanks for those headaches.

But clearly we both wanted to get the heck out of our small town of Milford; we just didn’t know it until now.

The people taking the hardest blow in this time period are definitely my parents, reverting once again into empty-nesters.

Mitch took off the Monday before Thanksgiving so neither of us were present for that holiday, but my family converged the preceding Saturday for a Mitch-giving and Mitch-mas celebration in wishing him good luck and safe travels.

That part has been tough on me but I get to see everyone at Christmas when the tables will be turned and Mitchel is on the other end of the FaceTime being patched into our celebrations.

But I haven’t seen him since I took off for this place down south and I won’t get to see him until he gets back state-side for his March graduation.

That hasn’t been the most fun but due to some recent shortcomings (getting kicked off an old Spotify account) he still needed a vehicle to stay up to date with the Red Sox podcast we listen to, so he signed into my music account.

It was exactly the connection I needed as I didn’t even realize how much I needed an updated playlist to listen to until his popped up on my screen.

No matter how far away we physically are from each other, we’re never going to be that far out of mind, mainly because we won’t be able to listen to music at the same exact time.

But that has made this whole thing a little easier and knowing that the next time I get to give him a big bear hug, he’ll be a doctor.

Whoa, that’s nuts.


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