Letter to the Editor

City council held good meeting online


Dear Editor,

Mayor Janice Whitehead's decision to forego the physical city council meeting and switch to Zoom online conferencing resulted in an unplanned benefit: the meeting was not rushed or interrupted, which allowed council time to voice concerns and qualms about proposed actions; only one person could speak at a time, so “interpretations” and comments that often broke the agenda's train of thought were limited.

Another milestone occurred: the citizens' value to this town was addressed. Thoughtful questions on the proposed Red Oak subdivision, the variances awarded to a new business near a church and playground, and suggestions for future agenda items were encouraging. I would like to thank the council members who sympathized with our concerns over the Allens Creek issues. It will be interesting to see which items are added to the next meeting's agenda, and what actions will take place in the problem areas around Allens Creek that have not been addressed as yet. Thank you, Sealy council members, for an encouraging meeting.

Diane Wuthrich



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