Letter to the editor

Beyond the accolades


Dear Editor,
A special thank you to Lawrence Siska, Director of Streets, Parks, and Drainage, for his hard work in cleaning up the Allens Creek area by the new apartment developments, the police and fire department buildings, and various other areas of concern. The overgrowth of the creek by Mark Frederick Park at I-10 was finally addressed, but much work still needs to be completed. Please consider the following:
1. The run-off water from new developments on Highway 90 has still not been addressed. The concrete driveways and buildings are displacing a huge amount of ground that has previously collected rainwater. Cleaning out overgrown areas is a start, but not a solution to the problems that are facing the citizens in these areas.
2. Some officials have bragged that recent rainwater was handled easily by the current system. The apartments are not finished, the concrete for the driveways and parking has not been put in, and we have not had a rain deluge; at most, the city may have gotten three inches of rain. We are learning that additional apartment units are being quietly planned and put into motion by city management in the same area.
3. Mr. Siska can only accomplish so much with the crew and budget that he has been given. He needs more staff. He needs more money to get the work done. Remember, the original 10-year-old engineered plan to solve the Allens Creek flooding issues cost $30,000,000. The work he has accomplished, with the help of his crew, has been outstanding, but serious issues must be addressed. If other departments continue to add staff to push growth, Mr. Siska’s crew must be expanded to accommodate the extra work these new projects entail.
4. We will be greeting a new mayor in a short time. Please consider someone who has been here for a while, someone who knows and loves this town as their home, not a business opportunity. Be sure your candidate is going to represent the citizens of Sealy; after all, our taxes have not been put on hold for two years. As a matter of fact, they went up 8% this year. The future of Sealy is incumbent upon leadership who care about Sealy and its residents, not how many businesses are shuffled in.
Diane Wuthrich


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