Bees attack Wallis couple


A swarm of Africanized bees attacked a Wallis couple last week, and officials say they have been treated and released from medical care.

Vern Roberts was mowing the lawn when he was stung about 600 times all over his body, including inside his mouth.

“I tried to get away. It was starting to overwhelm me,” Roberts told a Houston television station. “I tried to ‘stop, drop and roll,’ did all kinds of ‘protect me’ things, but it kept overwhelming and basically knocking me down.”

When his wife Mary came to try to help after hearing the screams, she, too, became a victim of the bees, receiving about 60 stings.

She was able to get him inside the house and called 911 but when first responders arrived, the property was still filled with bees, barring the paramedics from exiting their vehicles.

Roberts had to return outdoors only to encounter more stings before finally getting into the ambulance with the paramedics fighting off the bees that got inside.

It was then that the first responders got to work, trying to get Roberts to a comfortable state.

Once he made it to the hospital he remained in the intensive care unit for three days but has since been released. He is expected to make a full recovery.

The Roberts family thanked paramedics and the doctors who assisted in their recoveries.


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