Tigers set for exciting finish


The remaining games on the schedule grow evermore important when the “games remaining” column begins to dwindle and the playoff picture has yet to be cemented.

Sealy head coach Ray Dabney and his team are still right in the thick of things but more wins are needed, and although the next game is always the most important, that was a little extra true leading into Tuesday’s matchup with Stafford.

“We were able to steal one from them on the road but now we need to win in our place too,” Dabney said. “Playing at home is always bigger and hopefully the fan section is obnoxious and in their face.”

However, he added that they need to give the fans something to be boisterous about and that starts with the way they play out of the gate.

“Bottom line we still gotta play,” he said simply.

That matchup with the visiting Spartans was crucial because of the impact it had on the head-to-head matchup and therefore the rights to the last remaining playoff spot.

Needville and Fulshear have stayed near the top all year and the respective 8-1 and 7-3 records have them in the first two spots entering Tuesday. After that is Wharton in the No. 3 seat with a 6-3 mark just above the tie between Sealy and Stafford with identical 5-4 records before the events Tuesday.

The week will end with a meeting with the No. 1 Blue Jays before the season wraps up in Brookshire against the 2-8 Royal Falcons.

And in asking how he sees the next week playing out, Dabney remained laser-focused on the postseason.

“The goal is the playoffs, we’re not wavering from that,” he said, not concerned with the amount of progress the team may have made compared to last year. “We don’t care about anything else, we gotta win, period.”


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