An open letter of commendation


To Chief Jay Reeves:

Chief Reeves, with the unfortunate incident of the shootings of law enforcement personnel and citizens in the Midland and Odessa area on Aug. 31, 2019, it is all the more evident how very important a strong, dedicated, and trustworthy police force is to ensure public safety to all the citizens of and around the City of Sealy.

We in this area are all well aware that situations such as occurred in the Midland/Odessa area could easily happen here, or almost anywhere in Texas or America. It is our deepest heartfelt hope and prayer that nothing like this incident occurs here or anywhere. But I think I speak for everyone in this area that we are confident that the Sealy Police Department stands ready to protect the public should such an event occur.

And in that vein, I personally want to thank all the personnel within the Sealy Police Department, as well as all the others of this community who act as first responders, for keeping this community safe in times of trouble. These stalwart organizations and their personnel stand ready to care for and protect everyone from those things that tend to harm us, whether it is a natural calamity or those who disregard the rights of others.

Too often, we take the police and first responders for granted, primarily because their vigilance goes unnoticed as they conduct their routine duties of keeping Sealy safe. Therefore, I want to thank all of these people, and especially the Sealy Police Department, for keeping Sealy, Texas, a safe place to live. I urge all the people of Sealy to make it a point to thank our police officers and first responders as we meet them while we go about our daily lives.

So, Chief Reeves, I formally thank you and your department for all you do.


Wallace J. Savoy



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Mark McMahon

I live across the street from the Austin County Annex, behind the Sealy City offices, and I see the county officers and DPS daily. Never do I pass an opportunity to raise my had as they pass by and I hope they understand it is with heartfelt respect for them and the job they are tasked to perform on all of our behalf. Thank you for your open letter and I sincerely agree with your words of support for Sealy Police and all of our Lay Enforcement officers.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019